A Little Love Bug's Life

A lovingly devised yet incomplete account of life with Ellie.


No Hands!

I am starting to stand all by myself and am getting closer to walking each day. I cruise one-handed now, and may even sneak in a step or two unaided. I'll be walking any day now! Also, check out my first official ponytail. It's small, yet cute. Just like me . . . how fitting!


Bottom's Up!

Here is the little Sleeping Beauty.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

My new favorite book! Thanks Deborah.


Ear Tubes

Ellie's ear tube surgery went well today. Dr. Skiles discovered that she has yet another ear infection. He removed a lot of fluid and relieved the pressure, which should make Ellie much more comfortable and improve her hearing. Here are a few shots of her after she consumed her "happy juice" (versed - a mild sedative) prior to surgery. She was a little groggy and grumpy when she woke up, and then proceeded to barf all over the very nice anesthesiologist. Occupational hazard, I guess.


Happy Valentine's Day

I heart Daddy.


My Two Favorite Things: Clapping & Daddy.

Lately I'm all about a hearty round of applause, whatever the occassion might be. Also high on my list is snuggles, stories and dancing with Daddy.


Cutie Pie.


Go Shorty, It's Your Birthday, We Gonna Party, Like It's Your Birthday

Backpacking with Pop Pop

It was a gorgeous day outside (and my birthday!) so we all went for a leisurely stroll.

Fun With Grandma Dye.

It's My Birthday!!!

I'm officially one-year old! It's the morning of my first birthday and I opened two presents. Grandma Dye and Pop Pop got me a little farm animal set that I love. Especially the farmer. And Mommy and Daddy got me a music set. I love the drums! Here are some action shots of me making sweet music.


Bathing with Vermonters is Excellent.

Grandma Dye is giving me a bath and cracking me up! And tomorrow is my first birthday. Yippee!