A Little Love Bug's Life

A lovingly devised yet incomplete account of life with Ellie.


Free Range Chicken

Halloween. I could be a princess, a pumpkin, a pea in the pod ... or how about a chicken?


Good Times ... Exersaucer Style

Here I am enjoying one of my favorite pastimes. There's nothing like listening to electronic versions of your favorite classical hits interwoven with farm animal sounds and Spanish words. Good times, good times.


High Ho Silver ... And Away!

Here I am riding my horsie (Daddy's knee) and gripping the reins (shutter blinds) as I ride off into the sunset!


Toothless Wonder No Longer

Well, the time has finally come for chewing. Ellie's bottom teeth finally poked through those cute little pink gums. Pediatrician says that her other teeth are pretty much ready to go, so they'll start "popping like popcorn."

I tried unsuccessfully to capture the exciting teeth-cutting moment on film, but my subject was less than cooperative. So just imagine a little budding tooth in that out-of-focus mass of pink and flash.

Also, Ellie is quite passionate about Cheerios. Here are a few shots of the little Cheerio Maven enjoying a stash of ... what else ... Cheerios.



Ah. Nothing like stretching out and catching a little football with Daddy after dinner. Ellie has almost fully assumed the Homer position here.


Little + Love Bug = Little FISH

Here I am at Aqua Babies, trying to teach Nana how to swim ...

These "sinkie" toys are quite a delicacy in some parts of the world, I just couldn't pass up a little taste.

Me ... under water ... for FOUR whole seconds!


Love Is ... My Bunny Rabbit

Recently Ellie has discovered an indispensable accessory ... her soft and snuggly bunny rabbit. Bunny rabbit has quickly ascended to, dare we even say it, "woobie" like status. She loves nestling in for a nap with trusty bunny rabbit in hand. I think we have the makings of a life-long friendship on our hands.

Little Love Bug

Here's me at eight months. Aren't I adorable?