A Little Love Bug's Life

A lovingly devised yet incomplete account of life with Ellie.


Red Wagon

Here I am at Montessori. Sometimes we ride around in the red wagon. It's pretty cool, at least as far as red wagons are concerned. I seem to like it more than the little guy in front of me. He cries. A lot.


Reading ... Will the Exhiliration Ever Cease?

Here I am reading with Mommy very early on a Saturday morning. Mommy is sporting some totally radical helmet head, with a nice shadow adding to the effect. By the looks of it, I don't share Mommy's passion for reading just yet.


Fish Sticks = Mui Bueno

Mom and I feasted on such culinary delights as applesauce, blueberries, and fish sticks for lunch today. I'm sure all the gastronomique greats over in Lyon are sad they missed it ... a la procahine fois!


Get Up, Stand Up

Standing is my new favorite thing. Check me out in my new totally outrageous upright positioning!


Bilateral Ear Infections Don't Hold Me Down!

Well, here I am being my usual cheerful self. I am currently battling my THIRD ear infection in a 6-week period (tubes, anyone?) but maintian my zeal for life. Lately I have been eating lots of blueberries, drinking lots of vanilla soy milk, and am enjoying my new Montessori program. Seeing other little people rocks!