A Little Love Bug's Life

A lovingly devised yet incomplete account of life with Ellie.


Montessori and the Inexplicable Fascination With Paper Products

Something about the Montessori style of education seems to have ingrained Ellie with a deep and abiding passion for both moving objects from one container to another and paper products, as demonstrated here.

Daddy's Girl

People often tell me "it's just a phase" and the Ellie will "eventually grow out of it" ... but all pleasantries and polite etiquette aside ... this is so not a phase. She is totally and completely a Daddy's Girl. Hey, I don't blame her, Patrick is way cooler than me!


Chocolate good.

Ellie has discovered the frothy goodness of chocolate milkshakes.


Baby Becks

Noodling Around

Steamed broccoli ... eh. Dried fruit ... double eh. Spaghetti, on the other hand, YUM

Montessori Little Ones

The little peanut is getting all bibbed up for some breakfast.


New Kicks

Check out my sweet new Vans. It's homage to Daddy's skateboarding days and Mommy & Daddy's days in SoCal. Ahz yeah!


Bathing Beauty

Here are I am, looking decidedly skeptical, in my cute little bikini.

New Class at Montessori

Here I am the morning before starting in my new class at school. I am an official member of the two-year-old class, where we sit at a table to eat(!) and we take a shorter nap (!-squared!). I am so big and grown up now I can barely stand it.

Born to Ride

Here I am, wheeling around on my new Huffy Lil' Bug!


Sweet Little Orange

Here's Ellie-Belly (a/k/a LJ ... "Little Jim" after her Grandad, "Big Jim") running around the house on a Sunday morning. Ellie has a mouth full of teeth, and she has become quite *comfortable* expressing her likes, and, more importantly for parental purposes, her dislikes. Awesome herald of toddlerhood! She is still her charming little self, of course. She also has a completely adorable habit of grunting, sumo style, when she finds something she likes and squats to pick it up.

Starbucks ... Starting Early


Crazy Walker!

I have officially joined that elite club known as BIPEDS!!!


Puzzles With Mimi


Grandad makes me laugh!